Plastic Surgery for Men in Vancouver and Richmond

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First impressions count – that’s why more and more men are choosing cosmetic surgery. They want their looks to be an outward reflection of the way they feel inside. Your motivation to have cosmetic surgery may be because you sense you look older or more tired than you feel, to have an impact on your career, or personal life, or the very reasonable desire to simply look your best.

Thankfully, there are a variety of safe surgical procedures to help you put your ‘best face forward’. Whether you are considering rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), chin augmentation, or facial rejuvenation surgery, Dr. Bartlett will help you make the right decision: with up-to-date information, sensible advice, and a thorough discussion of the options available to give you the renewed appearance you desire.


In addition to cosmetic surgery, men also have a number of non-surgical options to consider when seeking facial rejuvenation, including the use of Botox® as a treatment for facial lines. Repeated muscular contractions such as frowning and squinting form lines known as dynamic wrinkles and Botox® has become the most popular cosmetic procedure in North America – and used by more than two million women and men. These and other non surgical procedures are performed in minutes in the office.

Although procedures are similar for men and women, there are often cases where a modification must be made to achieve the best result in a male patient. Some elements of the male anatomy, such as the male facial hair pattern will influence the technique in facelift or other surgeries in order to achieve the desired result. Dr Bartlett’s expertise and knowledge of these specific issues in male surgery help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Now you can use the same digital imaging technology that surgeons use to visualize cosmetic surgery results – for free! Upload your own photo in our easy to use site.

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