Cosmetic Ear Surgery – FAQs

Read below commonly asked questions about cosmetic ear surgery / ear tuck (Otoplasty).

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Why get cosmetic ear surgery?

Normally, the ears begin to take shape early in pregnancy. Delicate structures of cartilage and soft tissue covered by a thin layer of skin, the ears first stick straight out. Then, as the natural folds of the ear develop, they gradually assume a position closer to the head. By the time of birth, a baby’s outer ears have achieved the complex arrangement of folds that give the ear its characteristic shape.

Otoplasty ProcedureFor unknown reasons in certain individuals, the normal folds may fail to develop with resultant cuplike ears that project from the side of the head.

In other cases, excess ear cartilage develops, resulting in normally shaped ears that stick out too far. Occasionally, the ears just grow to be too large. Because each ear develops independently, it is not uncommon for one ear to protrude more than the other, or have a noticeably different shape leading to an unbalanced look.

As we age, the outer ear undergoes more changes. Collagen fibers relax with time and the ears of older people develop telltale creases and elongated earlobes.

How Long is the recovery?

You return home the day of the procedure but must wear a head dressing for 1 week. Thereafter, most patients wear a head band during sleep for another 4 – 6 weeks to lessen the tension on the ears as further healing takes place.

When can I return to work?

Most people return to work one week after the procedure.